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    • Soci-economic Life of the Mu Valley During the Kon-baung Period 

      Yee Yee Win (Myanmar Historical Research Journal, 2013)
      Economic and social developments in the Konbaung period are also seen in the Mu valley region. The kings showed their great attachment to this region by adopting and implementing the economic development schemes. Thus King ...
    • Mandalay Economy inTransition(1859-1877) 

      Yee Yee Win (International Conference on Burma Studies, Burma/Myanmar in Transition: Connectivity, Changes and Challenges, 2015)
      Ratanabon City is well known as Mandalay City. It was founded by King Mindon soon after he ascended to the Amarapura Throne in 1852. Many obstacles were ahead of him during his reign. Myanmar was defeated in the second war ...
    • Historical Evidences of Aung Pin Le Region 

      Yee Yee Win (Myanmar Pyin nyar yt Hma Sa Saung (2), Myanmar literature Research Journal (2), 2015)
      They dug many tanks and reservoirs for irrigated agriculture and made new settlements for implementation of economic schemes at Aung Pin Le region during the successive Myanmar kings. In the economic development schemes ...
    • Buddha Sasana of Myauk Phet Taik (Northern Region) 

      Yee Yee Win (Myanmar Historical Research Journal, 2013)
      The tripartite relationship of the king, Sangha and people in the later Konbaung period is found very fruitful. The king as a patron and defender of Buddhism supported the Elder Sanghas with four basic necessities. The ...
    • Agricultural Changes in Myanmar Through Ages 

      Yee Yee Win (2nd International Conference on Burma/Myanmar Studies Proceedings , University of Mandalay, 16-18 February, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2019)
      In Myanmar’s history, changes in agriculture have taken place at least three times. Natural rain-fed rice cultivation was substituted by irrigated cultivation in the Bagan Period. It greatly affected society, especially ...
    • The Tarons In the Changing World 

      Nyunt Nyunt Win; Khin Moe Moe Kyu; Myat Sandi Aung; Mya Thidar Aung; Hla Hla Kyi; Hlaing Hlaing Oo (JARC-YU, 2004)
      The Tarons national is found mostly in Karong Village, Naung Mon Township, Putao Division, in the northernmost edge of Myanmar. It belongs to the Rawang tribal group and they are strangely short in height. There are only ...
    • Self-medication; an Important Aspect of Primary Health Care in Shankalay Kyun Village, Mandalay Region, Myanmar 

      Nyunt Nyunt Win (Collaborative research, ICBMSI, 24-26 July, Chaing Mai University, 2015)
      This study was done to find out an important aspect of self-medication in the context of primary healthcare in Shan Kalay Kyun Village. In 2001, villagers went to China for their survival as craftsmen. They got access to ...
    • Land use, Livelihood and Change of Family Structure 

      Nyunt Nyunt Win (The 10th International Convention of ASIA Scholars, Making Place in Southeast Asia: International Institute for Asian Studies ( IIAS) 20-23 July, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2017)
      This study is about the changes in the land use pattern and the livelihood transformation of the Yaw National family system in Gangaw Township, Magwe region, Myanmar. The study area, Kyaw Village exists between Pontaung ...
    • Historical Evidences of Shan: Special References with Royal Orders of Burma 

      Moe Moe Oo (Myanmar Historical Research Journal, 2013)
      Shan records are 463 pages of Royal Orders for passed by Kon-baung Kings (1752-1885). Their ruled for 130 years and most of the orders for Shan State he passed were more or less routine. They tell us nothing but the king’s ...
    • Military Requirements During the Reign of Myanmar Kings (1752-1885) 

      Moe Moe Oo (Myanmar Historical Research Journal, 2017)
      It put emphasis on the military requirements for cavalry corps and the social conditions of the feudal society with reference to social relations of the ancient time are presented. The topic is a considerable diversity of ...
    • The Overview on the Appointing of Myothugyi (Town Headman) in Salin during Konbaung Period (1752-1885) 

      Wai Wai Hein (Myingyan Degree College Research Journal, 2019)
      Administraion of Salin was hereditary and the eldest son of the family was succeeded in hereditary administration. This paper is an attempt to explain the facts on how Myothugyis (Town headman) who were fundamental officials ...
    • The Construction of a Scale to measure Environmental Concerns 

      Tin Aung Moe; Khin San Hlaing; Aye Aye Htwe; Thiri Hlaing; Khin Ya Mon; Ei Ei Khin (Universities Research Journal, 2011)
      Measurement issues and structure of environmental concerns (ECs) were assessed in this study. The present paper compared two different scales used in previous research to measure beliefs about awareness of consequences ...
    • Attitude towards the Environmental Problems: The Construction of Environmental Concerns Scale 

      Tin Aung Moe; Ken-ichi, Ohbuchi; Khin San Hlaing; Aye Aye Htwe; Thiri Hlaing; Khin Ya Mon; Ei Ei Khin (Journals of Myanmar Academic Arts & Science, 2012)
      Measurement issues and structure of environmental concerns (ECs) were assessed in this study. The present paper compared two different scales used in previous research to measure beliefs about awareness of consequences ...
    • Myanmar Parabaik 

      Moe Moe Oo (The Granite Tower, Korea University Press, 2006)
      They provide us with some historical facts on social relationships, economic activity and administrative and religious matters.
    • Myanmar Palm leaf Manuscript 

      Moe Moe Oo (Asia Research Network, 2006)
      Given the great intellectual vitality of the Myanmar mind and Myanmar's culture
    • Myanmar Cavalry Formation 

      Moe Moe Oo (Myanmar Historical Research Journal, 2012)
      Since then later Myanmar kings expanded the formation of cavalry forces in some regions not far away from the royal capital city, where land for cultivation was plentiful and irrigation was easily accessible. Many of the ...
    • Neutron Skins in Sn and Pb Nuclei 

      Khin Nyan Linn (Universities Research Journal, 2010)
      The Relativistic Mean Field (RMF) theory is applied to calculate the root mean square (rms) radii of the neutron and proton density distributions. The NL3 and NL-Z2 effective interactions are used in the mean field Lagrangian. ...
    • Mapping Neutron Drip Lines in Meson Field Theories 

      Khin Nyan Linn; Schramm, Stefan (Proceedings of International Conference on Recent Innovations in Nanoscience& Technology (ICRINT2018), 2018)
      The binding energy and axial deformation of medium-light nuclei and Ʌ hypernuclei are investigated within different relativistic meson field theories. In particular, the effect of including Ʌ hyperons in neutron-rich nuclei ...
    • Mapping Neutron and Proton Drip Lines 

      Khin Nyan Linn (Universities Research Journal, 2009)
      We investigate the position of the neutron and proton drip lines in the framework of the RMF theory with two different parameter sets (NL3 and ChiM). We study the nuclear structure property of all nuclei within the proton ...
    • The Taron: one of the hidden groups of hill ethnic groups in Myanmar 

      Nyunt Nyunt Win (Mandalay University Research Journal, 2015)
      The Taron is one of the ethnic groups of Kachin National and they are descended of Rawang ethnic group. The majority of Taron groups are found in IKaround Village, which is also known as Arundan or Adonlong Village: in ...