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  • Funeral ritual of Mon National living in Hinthargon, Bago Township 

    Zin Mar Latt (Myanmar Academy of Arts and Science, 2015)
    A ritual is a specific behavior or activity that gives symbolic expression of certain feelings or thoughts of groups and individuals. Funerals are `rites of passage' with three stages - separation, transition, and ...
  • Socialization of Mon National in Hinthagon in Mon tradition and custom 

    Zin Mar Latt (Myanmar Academy of Arts and Science, 2013)
    Socialization is a lifelong process, and it links the individual, the society, and the culture. Mon parents living in Hinthagon teach their children since infancy Mon language, Mon literature and how to be dressed as ...
  • The role and functions of Mon traditional Sabbath food offering 

    Zin Mar Latt (Mandalay University Research Journal, 2013)
    There are over one hundred ethnic groups in Myanmar and Mon national is one of them. Most of the Mon nationals settled around Bago (Hanthawaddi) Township in Bago Region, Mottama in Mon State and Pathein Township in ...
  • Traditional Beliefs of the Mon nationals living in Hinthagon 

    Zin Mar Latt (Universities Research Journal, 2012)
    Traditional beliefs are beliefs that arise and develop in the history of the social group, and that are transmitted from one generation to the next through those social processes that are denoted by socialization. All ...