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    • Myanmar Palm leaf Manuscript 

      Moe Moe Oo (Asia Research Network, 2006)
      Given the great intellectual vitality of the Myanmar mind and Myanmar's culture
    • Myanmar Parabaik 

      Moe Moe Oo (The Granite Tower, Korea University Press, 2006)
      They provide us with some historical facts on social relationships, economic activity and administrative and religious matters.
    • Art and architecture in Pakhan Gyi during the Monarchical days 

      Tint Lwin (2007)
      In writing this dissertation on the "Art and Architecture in Pakhangyi during themonarchical days", every conceivable aspect has been covered, and the dissertation is divided into four chapters. In writing the First Chapter, ...
    • Elephant in Myanmar society (1752-1885) 

      Pale' Aung (2007)
      The Dissertation titled, Elephant in Myanmar Society (1752-1885) is presented by dividing into four chapters, in which Chapter I deals with "Elephant in Myanmar mythology", and Chapter II describes "the Elephant in Myanmar ...
    • Myanmar women in the traditional society (1752-1885) 

      Tin Moe Latt (2007)
      Outwardly, Myanmar women have seemed to be the underprivileged in Myanmar history. However, the laws that prohibited women from doing something or from participating in something were very rare. There even was a female ...
    • History of Judicial system in Konbaung period 

      Aye Aye Myaing (2007)
      This dissertation, entitled "History of Judicial System in Konbaung Period" is written in four chapters: (1) Different Levels of Judiciary, (2) Criminal Cases, (3) Civil Cases, and (4) Legal Cases Involving Buddhist Monks. ...
    • Opium in Myanmar (1885-1948) 

      Aye Aye Khaing (2008)
    • Judicial System During the Reign of Myanmar Kings 

      Chaw Ei Ei Aung (Kengtung University Research Journal, 2009)
      Judicial system during the reign of Myanmar Kings based on the traditional culture and custom. In those periods, there were Yazathats (Royal Orders) to settle criminal cases, “Lese Majesty”. Civil suits found in Bagan era ...
    • The Role of Officers of Cannon (Amauk Wuns) in Konbaung period (1752- 1885) 

      Win Myint Aung (Mandalay University Research Journal, 2009)
      History had greatly changed with the introduction of cannons into the relatively calm world of man and his environment. The possessors of cannons became the arbiter of the destiny of man and material. So Myanmar Kings built ...
    • Economic History of Myitkyina District ( 1993 – 2000 ) 

      Kyaw Swe Nyunt (Myitkyina University Research Journal, 2009)
      Economic history is one of the most vigorous branches of historical research. To cover the Economic changes of Myitkyina district in brief, during seven years in a short space is a difficult task, especially if one wishes ...
    • Buddhism in the Late Konbaung period (1819-1885) 

      Ko Ko Naing (2010)
      This paper is an analysis of Buddhism in the late Konbaung Period. How Buddhism was introduced into Myanmar is discussed. How the Myanmar professed a mixture of Buddhism and their traditional beliefs is explained. Among ...
    • Economic Life of the Boatmen 

      Moe Moe Oo (Meiktila University Research Journal, 2010)
      Economic life of the Boatmen is very rare record. Because we have only land mortgage deeds as primary source materials to be used to speak of their economic life. Indeed such data can never be available since the Myanmar ...
    • Myanmar Polity (1819-1885) 

      Soe Aung (2011)
    • Around the Sagaing Township in Kon-baung Period 

      Moe Moe Oo (Myanmar Historical Research Journal, 2011)
      Sagaing Division was inhabited by Stone Age people. Sagaing town was a place where the successive kings of Pagan, Innwa and Kon-baungs period constructed religious buildings. Hence it can be regarded as an important place ...
    • Nagayon Maha Bodhi Temple 

      Moe Moe Oo (Meiktila University Annual Magazine, 2011)
      There were good ties between the people of Myanmar and the people of Japan, so the cultural relations were all mixed up in such small building in Nagayon Maha Bodhi temple.
    • Royal Boatmen in the reign of King Badon (1782-1819) 

      Aung Zaw Myint (Mandalay University Research Journal, 2012)
      Myanmar Kings used to select sites for establishment of their Royal Cities on the left bank of the Ayeyarwady River in central Myanmar.They organized Crown boatmen groups and built naval stations along the Ayeyarwady and ...
    • A Study of the Palaung Origin and Orthography 

      Moe Moe Oo (Mandalay University of Research Journal, 2012)
      In the base of any written records left behind, it is extremely difficult to give an authentic account of the Palaung. The Palaungs did not form a homogeneous people with a single culture in the period of our study. They ...
    • Cheonggyecheon: Nice Place to Visit 

      Moe Moe Oo (Meiktila University Research Journal, 2012)
      So many great places to live in Seoul. Let me inform the nice place to visit in Cheonggyecheon. This is the historical site of Chohung Bank, established in 1897 as the first bank in Korea. It later became Chohung Bank and ...
    • Myanmar Cavalry Formation 

      Moe Moe Oo (Myanmar Historical Research Journal, 2012)
      Since then later Myanmar kings expanded the formation of cavalry forces in some regions not far away from the royal capital city, where land for cultivation was plentiful and irrigation was easily accessible. Many of the ...