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  • King Mindon’s Reforms and Achievements 

    Mi Mi Hlaing (Proceedings on the conference on 92 anniversary of University of Mandalay, 2019)
    During the Second Anglo-Myanmar War, Prince Mindon revolted against his reingning brother King Pagan. When he ascended the throne, King Mindon realized that the urgent reformation was necessary to maintain his throne and ...
  • States Hostilities in Ava Period (First Ava Period) 

    Mi Mi Hlaing (Mandalay University Research Journal, 2018)
    Ava is located at the Ayeyarwady-Myitnge river confluence, the territory and influence of Ava was extended since the time of King Thado Minphya. From the reigns of King Mingyi Swasawkè and Mingaung to that of Shwenan ...
  • Rural Society in Meiktila(Nineteenth Century) 

    Mi Mi Hlaing (Mandalay University of Distance Education research Journal, 2017)
    This research paper focused attention on Meiktila, as a representative area like the rest of Upper Myanmar. The social life of Meiktila is discussed on the revenues and royal affairs paid by athi and the basic of rights ...
  • Matrimonial Practices of Konbaung Kings 

    Tin Moe Latt (Mandalay University Researh Journal, 2013)
    The Myanmar kings contracted marriages for consolidating their hold on power and administration and for the prevalence of peace and prosperity in the kingdom. Similarly, those who presented their daughters, ...
  • Beginning of Khanti Pariyatti Sasana in Wuntho 

    San Yu Aung (Mandalay University Researh Journal, 2014)
    “Beginning of Khanti Pariyatti Sãsanãin Wuntho” is a research work that has revealed importance of the Sãsanã in the region in the development of societies throughout history. Khanti Pariyatti Sarthin Taikof Wuntho Town, ...
  • Military Strength of the Northern Division: A Brief Survey 

    Yee Yee Win (Mandalay University Researh Journal, 2013)
    This study focuses on the people of the region located between the two river courses, the Ayeyarwady and the Chindwin. These areas were known in the Bagan Inscriptions as the Taik Regions, the second home ...
  • Mandalay and the Printing Industry 

    Yan Naing Lin (Mandalay University Researh Journal, 2016)
    Literature, a kind of aesthetic art, is an effective tool for enlightenment, entertainment and propagation. It also reveals the politics, economy, social conditions and cultural aspects of certain ...
  • Toddy Palm culture in Myanmar (1752-1885) 

    Aye Aye Thant (2013)
    Toddy palm climbing and palm sugar boiling business have been predominant in Myanmar society since the Bagan Period. The trees grow mainly in upland dry zone regions where annual rain fall is scanty, less than ...
  • Myanmar women in the traditional society (1752-1885) 

    Tin Moe Latt (2007)
    Outwardly, Myanmar women have seemed to be the underprivileged in Myanmar history. However, the laws that prohibited women from doing something or from participating in something were very rare. There even was a female ...
  • History of Judicial system in Konbaung period 

    Aye Aye Myaing (2007)
    This dissertation, entitled "History of Judicial System in Konbaung Period" is written in four chapters: (1) Different Levels of Judiciary, (2) Criminal Cases, (3) Civil Cases, and (4) Legal Cases Involving Buddhist Monks. ...
  • Art and architecture in Pakhan Gyi during the Monarchical days 

    Tint Lwin (2007)
    In writing this dissertation on the "Art and Architecture in Pakhangyi during themonarchical days", every conceivable aspect has been covered, and the dissertation is divided into four chapters. In writing the First Chapter, ...
  • Elephant in Myanmar society (1752-1885) 

    Pale' Aung (2007)
    The Dissertation titled, Elephant in Myanmar Society (1752-1885) is presented by dividing into four chapters, in which Chapter I deals with "Elephant in Myanmar mythology", and Chapter II describes "the Elephant in Myanmar ...
  • The Socio-Economic conditions of Kachin State under colonial rule (1886-1948) 

    Maran Hkawn Tawng (2014)
    This dissertation examines socio-economic conditions of Kachin State in Colonial Period. The various changes of the socio-economic conditionsare mentioned in this dissertation. Institutional changes ofKachin educational ...
  • Buddhism in the Late Konbaung period (1819-1885) 

    Ko Ko Naing (2010)
    This paper is an analysis of Buddhism in the late Konbaung Period. How Buddhism was introduced into Myanmar is discussed. How the Myanmar professed a mixture of Buddhism and their traditional beliefs is explained. Among ...
  • Pa-O Community in the Southern Shan State (1886-1962) 

    Nang Aye Aye Cho (2014)
    Pa-O ethnic nationality living in the Union of Myanmar brought forth many interesting aspects of its origin, its successive migrations and settlements beginning from Mongul Hilly Regions to its ...
  • Myanmar Polity (1819-1885) 

    Soe Aung (2011)
  • Opium in Myanmar (1885-1948) 

    Aye Aye Khaing (2008)
  • The Meitei (Kathe) Crown Service groups in Myanmar from the earliest times to the end of Monarchical Rule 

    Nwe Ni Hlaing (Journal of Myanmar Academy of Arts and Science, 2015)
    The Meitei (Kathe J) had settled along the Yangtze River in China from about the 12nd century BC and then they moved in Sichuan region. Later they migrated from the south eastern Tibet to Hukong Valley, Chindwin region ...

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