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  • The Ways to Develop the Social Life 

    Zin Mar Oo (The Third Myanmar Japan International Symposium, Pathein University, 2016)
    “Man is by nature a social creature, we are living with neighbours and interact each other or with environment. We are making mutual relationship with others, participants fundamentally in crowd and then in country, for ...
  • Important Role of Pali Expressions in Myanmar Society 

    Zin Mar Oo (Art & Sciences University of Yangon, 2016)
    This paper is a study of the penetration and thriving of Pāḷi expressions in Myanmar society. The importance of Pāḷi expressions in Myanmar society will be revealed in this paper. In this paper Pā ḷi vocabularies which ...
  • Creative Dictums for Better community in the Sujana Kanṭa 

    Zin Mar Oo (Mandalay University Research Journal, 2013)
    The Sujana Kanṭa is the second chapter in the Lokanīti which contains seven chapters and leads people in reasonable ways for social and other worldly affairs. This section not only indicates characteristics of good ...
  • Influence of Meritorious and Demeritorious Deeds on Individual 

    Zin Mar Oo; Khin Myint Myint (2015)
    This paper is a presentation of living beings under the influence of meritorious and demeritorious deeds. It is intended to know that the living beings enjoy or experience according to their past actions. The importance ...