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  • Characterization of Bipartite Graphs With given Hamiltonicity 

    Zaw Myint (Myingyan degree college Research Journal, 2012)
    In this paper, we first give a characterization of the bipartite graphs G satisfying Moreover, we compare the value of 2-domination number and independence number in trees and give bounds on these two parameters in terms ...
  • Relations Between SomePieces in The Game of Chess and Some Properties of Graphs 

    Shwin Seinn (Universities Research Journal, Department of Higher Education, 2016)
    In this paper, the necessary conditions for a bipartite graph to be Hamiltonian are first discussed. Relating these conditions, the movements of a chess piece called Knight, in the game of chess are ...
  • Characterization of Bipartite Graph and its Hamiltonicity 

    Shwin Seinn (Universities Research Journal, Department of Higher Education, 2008)
    In this paper, the characterization of bipartite graph will be first described by using the definitions of cycle, Hamiltonian cycle, odd cycle, and chromatic number in a graph. Then, the conditions ...
  • Investigation of Neutron Diffusion Length in Wax Medium 

    San Yee (Universities Research Journal, 2011)
    The investigation of the damage tracks of Pu (Be) neutron source by using solid state nuclear track detector in the wax medium was performed. Using the neutron tracks and neutron diffusion equation, neutron diffusion length ...
  • Status of ICT Integration in Education in Southeast Asian Countries 

    Myint Myint Thein (The Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) Secretariat, 2010)
  • Parallel Processing in Numerical Integration 

    Myint Myint Thein (Universities Research Journal, 2010)
    Numerical Integration is a method of computing an approximation of the area under the curve of a function. The area under the curves is approximated the sum of the area of the subinterval rectangles. ...
  • Computerized Tutorial Testing System 

    Myint Myint Thein , Yee Mon Win and Nwe Ni Win (Dagon University Research Journal, 2011)
    This paper is a software project that is tends to test the student's learning capability. The system consists of three question types such as true/false, fill in the blanks and multiple choices. This system helps first ...
  • One Dimensional Convolution 

    Myint Myint Thein (Dagon University Research Journal, 2012)
    The development of multi-core computers means that the characteristics of digital filters can be rapidly processed in software form. The filter has been implemented in software by an algorithm within the computer which ...
  • Representation of Ontology-Based Biological Information Extraction 

    Khin Myo Sett; Nwe Nwe Win (2015)
    An information extraction (IE) system has been developed by using ontology for extracting biological information. Ontologies in IE may provide new techniques for supporting open tasks of semantic analyses regarding for ...