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    • Study of double-strangeness nuclear systems with nuclear emulsion 

      Nakazawa, Kazuma; Endo, Yoko; Hoshino, Kaoru; Ito, Hiroki; Kinbara, Shinji; Kobayashi, Hidetaka; Mishina, Akihiro; Myint Kyaw Soe; Aye Moh Moh Theint; Xu, Rong; Khin Than Tint; Yoshida, Jun’ya; Zhang, Dong Hai (ELSEVIER, Physics Procedia 80, 26th International Conference on Nuclear Tracks in Solids, 26ICNTS, 2015)
      Double strangeness nuclei such as double-Λ and Ξ hypernuclei have been studied with nuclear emulsion due to its fine position resolution. Recently, we have started an experiment to study Λ-Λ interaction more accurately ...