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    • Architecture of the Htilominlo Temple 

      Sanda Linn (Journal of the Myanmar Academy of Arts and Science, 2014)
      The Htilominlo Temple is a colossal religious building constructed by King Nātoṅmyā (Nataungmya) (AD 1211-1231) in the early 13th century AD. In addition to the title “Htilominlo”, it is also called ‘Trilokamaṅgalā’ meaning ...
    • The Meritorious Deeds of King Nātoṅmya 

      Sanda Linn (Myanmar Historical Research Journal, 2015)
      King Nātoṅmyā (AD 1211-1231), he was also called King Htilominlo and his personal name was Zeyyatheinkha. He had done great works of merit in Bagan. He left the inscriptions which recorded his donations. King Nātoṅmyā was ...