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    • Chromatin interacting factor OsVIL2 increases biomass and rice grain yield 

      Yang, Jungil; Cho, Lae-Hyeon; Yoon, Jinmi; Yoon, Hyeryung; Antt Htet Wai; Hong, Woo-Jong; Han, Muho; Sakakibara, Hitoshi; Liang, Wanqi; Jung, Ki-Hong; Jeon, Jong-Seong; Koh, Hee-Jong; Zhang, Dabing; An, Gynheung (Society for Experimental Biology and The Association of Applied Biologists and John Wiley & Sons, Plant Biotechnology Journal, 2018)
      Grain number is an important agronomic trait. We investigated the roles of chromatin interacting factor Oryza sativa VIN3-LIKE 2 (OsVIL2), which controls plant biomass and yield in rice. Mutations in OsVIL2 led to shorter ...