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    • Water Resource Management in Panglong 

      May Thu Naing (Jour. Myan. Acad. Arts & Sc, 2009)
      This research is focused on core area in Panglong and its environ. The data required for this research were collected by using questionnaires in four wards and by gathering from Administrative Department and Municipal ...
    • The Ways to Develop the Social Life 

      Zin Mar Oo (The Third Myanmar Japan International Symposium, Pathein University, 2016)
      “Man is by nature a social creature, we are living with neighbours and interact each other or with environment. We are making mutual relationship with others, participants fundamentally in crowd and then in country, for ...
    • Zooplankton Community in Meiktila Lake, Meiktila, Central Myanmar 

      Thynn Thynn Aung; Thant Zin (Universities Research Journal, 2015)
      Zooplankton community in Meiktila Lake, Meiktila , Central Myanmar investigated during October 2009 to August 2011 revealed a total of 16 species of zooplankton and one copepod nauplius larva Zooplankton community ...