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    • Nagayon Maha Bodhi Temple 

      Moe Moe Oo (Meiktila University Annual Magazine, 2011)
      There were good ties between the people of Myanmar and the people of Japan, so the cultural relations were all mixed up in such small building in Nagayon Maha Bodhi temple.
    • Nature of Condominium 

      Me Me Linn (Mandalay University Research Journal, 2016)
      A condominium is form of real property ownership in which an individual owns a unit exclusively and owns common elements jointly with all other unit owners in the condominium. Condominium ownership includes ownership of ...
    • Network Analysis of Transportation in Loilem District, Southern Shan State 

      May Thu Naing (Jour. Myan. Acad, Arts & Scie, 2011)
      This research focuses on nine areas in Loilem District and it’s environ. The data required for this research were collected from Administrative Department, Construction Department, Land Records Department and Transport ...
    • Neutron Skins in Sn and Pb Nuclei 

      Khin Nyan Linn (Universities Research Journal, 2010)
      The Relativistic Mean Field (RMF) theory is applied to calculate the root mean square (rms) radii of the neutron and proton density distributions. The NL3 and NL-Z2 effective interactions are used in the mean field Lagrangian. ...
    • New discovery of anthracotheres (Mammalia, Artiodactyla) from the Middle Miocene of Sagaing Region, Upper Myanmar 

      Thaung Htike; Nwe Nwe San (Shwebo University Research Journal, 2014)
      In this study, anthracotheres from the Middle Miocene of Sagaing Region, Upper Myanmar are re-investigated and newly discovered dental specimens are described. In Myanmar, two Middle Miocene localities are well known for ...
    • New Materials of Tetraconodon malensis (Mammalia, Artiodactyla, Suidae) from the Middle Miocene of Central Myanmar 

      Thaung Htike; Zin Maung Maung Thein; Hnin Hnin Htay (Universities Research Journal, 2008)
      In this study, we report the additional dental specimens of Tetraconodon malensis (Artiodactyla, Suidae) discovered near Nwegwe Village, Chaung-U Township, Sagaing Division, central Myanmar. The well preserved maxillary ...
    • A new scanning system for alpha decay events as calibration sources for range-energy relation in nuclear emulsion 

      Yoshida, J.; Kinbara, S.; Mishina, A.; Nakazawa, K.; Myint Kyaw Soe; Aye Moh Moh Theint; Khin Than Tint (Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, 2017)
      A new scanning system named “Vertex picker” has been developed to rapid collect alpha decay events, which are calibration sources for the range-energy relation in nuclear emulsion. A computer-controlled optical microscope ...
    • A new species of Kerivoula (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae) from Myanmar (Burma) 

      Struebig, Matthew J.; Bates, Paul J.J; Rossiter, Stephen J.; Kingston, Tigga; Sai Sein Lin Oo; Khin Mya Mya (Museum and Institute of Zoology PAS, 2004)
      A new species of Kerivoula is described. Currently, it is known only from Namdee Forest in southern Kachin State, Myanmar. Externally, superficially similar to Kerivoula papillosa and with a dentition comparable to that of ...
    • New species of large Tetraconodon (Mammalia, Artiodactyla, Suidae) from the late Miocene of Myanmar 

      Thaung Htike; Chit Sein; Takai, Masanaru; Egi, Naoko; Tsubamoto, Takehisa; Zin Maung Maung Thein; Maung Maung (Paleontological Research, 2006)
      We describe two new species of Tetraconodon, T. irramagnus sp. nov. and T. irramedius sp. nov., from the late Miocene of Myanmar recognized when reevaluating large Tetraconodon specimens. Tetraconodon had also been ...
    • A new species of Murina (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae) from sub-Himalayan forests of northern Myanmar 

      Soisook, Pipat; Win Naing Thaw; Myint Kyaw; Sai Sein Lin Oo; Pimsai, Awatsaya; Suarez-Rubio, Marcela; Renner, Swen C. (Zootaxa, 2017)
      A new species of Murina of the suilla-type is described from the Hkakabo Razi Landscape, Kachin, Upper Myanmar, an area that is currently being nominated as a World Heritage Site. The new species is a small vespertilionid, ...
    • The Newspapers of Mandalay and Their Impact 

      Yan Naing Lin (Universities Research Journal, 2018)
      The newspaper, foremost one of the periodicals, initiated in Mandalay under the reign of king Mindon with the intention to respond on the propagation and annihilation of the British imperialists to him, had to survive and ...
    • Noise Pollution in Mandalay City 

      Geography Department (Unpublished, 2015)
      „Noise‟ is any unwanted sound which tends to disrupt the environmental balance. It is responded to noise is subjective and can vary individually according to loudness, frequency, and time pattern; the amount of background ...
    • Nonbreeding Bird Communities Along an Urban–Rural Gradient of a Tropical City in Central Myanmar 

      Suarez-Rubio, Marcela; Thein Aung; Sai Sein Lin Oo; Nay Myo Shwe; Nay Myo Hlaing; Kyaw Myo Naing; Tun Oo; Mie Mie Sein; Renner, Swen C. (Tropical Conservation Science, 2016)
      Urbanization is known to be a major driver in abundance and species richness of birds. However, how birds respond to urbanization in tropical cities is understudied in general and entirely absent from Myanmar. We conducted ...
    • Northern Myanmar's Commercial Relations with Yunan Province during Colonial Period 

      Kyaw Swe Nyunt (Dagon University Silver Jubilee Research Journal, 2019)
      Myanmar and China are neighbouring countries, sharing nearly two thousand miles long border. They have relations since thousands of years ago. The Northern Myanmar's commercial, cultural and political relations with Yunan ...
    • Numerical Stability of the Escalator Boxcar Train under reducing System of Ordinary Differential Equations 

      Tin Nwe Aye; Carlsson, Linus (17th ASMDA Conference,London UK, 2017)
      The Escalator Boxcar Train (EBT) is one of the most popular numerical methods used to study the dynamics of physiologically structured population models. The original EBT-model accumulates an increasing system of ODEs ...
    • Observation of a Be double-Lambda hypernucleus in the J-PARC E07 experiment 

      Ekawa, H.; Nakazawa, K.; Khin Than Tint, (Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, 2019)
      A double-Λ hypernucleus, ΛΛBe⁠, was observed by the J-PARC E07 Collaboration in nuclear emulsions tagged by the (⁠K−,K+⁠) reaction. This event was interpreted as the production and decay of 10ΛΛBe⁠, 11ΛΛBe⁠, or 12ΛΛBe∗ via ...
    • Occurrence of Cyanobacterial and Algal Blooms in Fish Culture Ponds 

      Ni Ni Win (Journal of Myanmar Academy of Arts and Science, 2010)
      The present study was conducted at Thayetkone Fish Culture Fram, Mandalay in Upper Myanmar, for a period of three years (July 2003 to December 2006). Seven genera of cyanobacteria namely, Microcystis, Anabaena, Oscillatoria, ...
    • One Dimensional Convolution 

      Myint Myint Thein (Dagon University Research Journal, 2012)
      The development of multi-core computers means that the characteristics of digital filters can be rapidly processed in software form. The filter has been implemented in software by an algorithm within the computer which ...
    • Opium in Myanmar (1885-1948) 

      Aye Aye Khaing (2008)
    • Ore mineralogy and mineral chemistry of pyrite, galena, and sphalerite at Soripesa Prospect area, Sumbawa island, Indonesia 

      Win Khant; Warmada, I Wayan; Idrus, Arifudin; Setijadji, Lucas Donny; Watanabe, Koichiro (Journal of Southeast Asia Applied Geology, 2012)
      The Soripesa prospect area is located at Maria village, Wawo district, Bima region in the East Sumbawa Island, Indonesia. Lithology is dominantly composed of a lithic-crystal tuff of andesitic and dacitic composition and ...