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  • Legal Basis on Unfair Competition Protection 

    Ni Ni Win (Journal of Myanmar Academy and Arts & Sciences, 2015)
    Competition means the rivalry between two or more businesses to gain as much of the total market sales or customers acceptance as possible. Although all countries agree that competition should not only free but also fair, ...
  • The Best Interests of the Child: Myanmar Customary Law Perspective 

    Khin Khin Oo (Universities Research Journal, 2009)
    While family is the basic unit of society and as such is entitled to receive comprehensive protection and support, the legal protection or measures that a society can afford to the family vary from country to ...
  • Some Incidents of Marriage under Myanmar Customary Law 

    Khin Khin Oo (Journal of Myanmar Academy and Arts & Sciences, 2012)
    Marriage is a contract as well as an institution which produces rights and duties different from the great class of contracts. The forms of marriage and the incidents of the status of husband ...
  • Human Rights Issues on Highway Road Accidents in Myanmar 

    Myo Thandar Kyaw (Regional research initiative round - table meeting in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 2015)
    This research investigates the linkage between highway road accidents and human rights issues in Myanmar. It mainly emphasizes from the point of human rights on the weaknesses of the related ...
  • The Ways to Develop the Social Life 

    Zin Mar Oo (The Third Myanmar Japan International Symposium, Pathein University, 2016)
    “Man is by nature a social creature, we are living with neighbours and interact each other or with environment. We are making mutual relationship with others, participants fundamentally in crowd and then in country, for ...

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