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  • Toddy Palm culture in Myanmar (1752-1885) 

    Aye Aye Thant (2013-11)
    Toddy palm climbing and palm sugar boiling business have been predominant in Myanmar society since the Bagan Period. The trees grow mainly in upland dry zone regions where annual rain fall is scanty, less than ...
  • Myanmar women in the traditional society (1752-1885) 

    Tin Moe Latt (2007-03)
    Outwardly, Myanmar women have seemed to be the underprivileged in Myanmar history. However, the laws that prohibited women from doing something or from participating in something were very rare. There even was a female ...
  • History of Judicial system in Konbaung period 

    Aye Aye Myaing (2007-03)
    This dissertation, entitled "History of Judicial System in Konbaung Period" is written in four chapters: (1) Different Levels of Judiciary, (2) Criminal Cases, (3) Civil Cases, and (4) Legal Cases Involving Buddhist Monks. ...
  • Art and architecture in Pakhan Gyi during the Monarchical days 

    Tint Lwin (2007-03)
    In writing this dissertation on the "Art and Architecture in Pakhangyi during themonarchical days", every conceivable aspect has been covered, and the dissertation is divided into four chapters. In writing the First Chapter, ...
  • Elephant in Myanmar society (1752-1885) 

    Pale' Aung (2007-03)
    The Dissertation titled, Elephant in Myanmar Society (1752-1885) is presented by dividing into four chapters, in which Chapter I deals with "Elephant in Myanmar mythology", and Chapter II describes "the Elephant in Myanmar ...

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